Discover Our Clubs

Clubs are an essential part of the student life experience. They allow student to participate in extracurricular activities and become apart of their very own community. Here you will find all the you need to know about clubs. And remember, there is a club for everyone to join!!!


Club List

Explore the list of existing clubs at Vanier and a short description of what they do!

Join A Club

Looking for new interests and hobbies? Keen on meeting new people? Joining a Club is the best way to diversify your student life experience and discover new peers at Vanier College! We dedicate a full day just for new and existing students to discover our clubs and what they have to offer. Join us on Club Day September 13.

Become A Club Exec.

To proudly represent a Club, you must be an Executive member of the Club! An Executive member upholds the best interests for the Club! but keep in mind that :" With great power, comes great Responsibility!".
To become an executive you must follow an election with at least 25 student members from the club. Reach out to the VCSA council for the proper procedure and you will become an executive member in no time! Click the links below to discover more about the elections for club executive member.

Request A Club Event

Hosting events is one of the many ways that clubs can enrich the Vanier community. However, all colourful and exciting events hosted by Clubs must first be approved and signed off by the VCSA as they are funded by the Association. If you would like to organize an event on behalf of a club, here are the Requests Forms!

Creating a New Club

Creating a Club is a great way to create even more diversity in student life and allow students to take part in extracurricular activities. If after seeing the existing list of clubs, you feel there is a slot for one more, here is a link to the Club Proposal Request Form.

Weekly Report Form


Still have questions regarding our clubs? Check out the clubs package by clicking the link bellow. Or else, feel free to send us an email, DM us on our socials, call us during our office hours or drop by our Office C-214. We will gladly help you out!